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Our mission

  • The Association of People Living with Chronic Pain...


    is a regional non-profit charitable organization whose mission is improve the quality of life of people living with chronice, and that of their family members, adn promote their social and community integration.




    -Provide a place of welcome, support and information, where the person living with chronic pain will find someone who will listen, will find understanding and validation;

    - Provide tools and resources to help the person overcome his/her condition and regain control of his/her life;

    - Organize social activities to allow the person to overcome isolation, feel useful and achieve his/her potential while respecting his/her limitations;

    - Inform and support family members in order to reinforce the social network and limit the effects of chronic pain on the person’s surroundings;

    - Raise awareness with professionals and the population about the reality of people living with chronic pain;

    - Support the development of appropriate medical services.