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Testimonials from our members

  • “The welcome is warm”


    I went to the APVDC for the first time last week. The welcome is warm and the people who greeted us immediately made us feel comfortable. I felt respect from all the participants. You go to a meeting, and it’s ok if you don’t go to the other. Thank you everyone.


    “I look forward to attending other meetings”


    I also attended my first meeting at the APVDC last week. It is a very respectful place. I feel welcome because I am with people with a chronic disease, like me, and they understand me. I look forward to attending other meetings. Thank you!





    “The conferences are interesting”


    Live and let live. I also sense the respect between the APVDC members. Nothing is imposed...and the conferences are interesting.




    “The online group really helps me stay positive”


    The association is a place to make friends who understand us and do not judge us. It’s the place to meet and to escape solitude. Thanks to the Facebook page and group, each morning I fill up on beautiful texts and fill my sight with beautiful images. It helps me stay positive in spite of the pain... I also find a lot of information on medication and tricks to better manage the pain, etc.



    “The APVDC helped get through the difficult ordeal that is pain”


    I have been in pain since 2005. That is when my life turned upside down. I had to mourn many things. The ability to accept a radical change, to go from being an active person to an inactive one, requires extraordinary effort. The APVDC allowed me to meet other people living the same things and, little by little, I was able to feel better, start smiling again and get out of my shell and socialize. Being accepted as I am, with my condition and disabilities helped me get through the difficult ordeal that is pain. You have to give up self-pity if you don’t want to end up depressed or start feeling suicidal. Nothing is gained when others pity us. It would also be important that the government recognize that chronic pain does in fact exist; it’s not imagination.



    [Marie-France, support group participant ]



    “I realized how far along I had come”


    I really enjoyed acting as a ‘Guinea pig’ for Janelle’s practical training in Nursing Sciences. Our discussions allowed me to realize how far along I had come over the last decade.


    [Manon, participant in the chronicity practical training] 



    “I learned to let go of the guilt and to talk about what I live every day”


    Thanks to you, I have made a lot of progress in accepting my disease. Through the support groups, and with each person’s support and encouragement, I learned how to talk about what I live every day, while learning to let go of the guilt. Belonging to a group is very important for morale, as well as self-esteem. An association like yours is valuable in a society that suffers more and more (stress, malaise, burn-out, etc.). The APVDC must survive in order to help the many sufferers move forward with chronic pain. Sadly, I am now in a rural area where there is no association, though Lord knows there are people suffering here as well. It’s too bad we don’t have access to all that! I will keep excellent memories of you all. Thank you for your support and help. Thank you for continuing in spite of the obstacles, the lack of resources and the lack of financing. It’s your determination and your work that carries out the mission of this association that is so dear to its members. Long live the APVDC.

     [Sylvie, support group participant] 


    “Thank you so much for everything you’ve given me”


    Thank you so much for everything you’ve given me over the years. You do wonderful work! I am moving out of the area, but will not forget you.

     [Christine, member]