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Testimonials from our volunteers

  • “I see that the volunteers are cherished by the members and staff”


    Depression, job loss, isolation and a lack of resources are all part of the reality of people living with chronic pain. I quickly saw this sad reality when I did my practical training at the APVDC. I found the association to be a nice initiative, as these people are misunderstood and excluded by the health network. During my practical training, I found a pleasant atmosphere between the members and staff. The human warmth, support, integrity, compassion and encouragement are provided each day to the people who require the organisation’s services.


    I so enjoyed my experience that I decided to become a volunteer at the APVDC. Thanks to volunteering, I have learned a bit more about social work, such as writing reports, individual interventions and the planning and publicity of activities. I especially appreciate the encouragement provided by the team. I see how cherished the interns and volunteers are, as much by staff as members. Thanks to this experience, I truly believe that I have found my path in social work, so much so that I want to pursue my studies even further. Once again, thank you APVDC!


     [Jessica, intern and volunteer]



     “I have developed self-confidence and detachment”


    I have been attending support activities for 4 years now. Now,everything has changed in my life. I have returned to work and have taken classes. Then, a year ago, I took the leap and started leading the group one evening a week with Louise. The meetings are focused on the positive. I see people thrive. Personally, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I recognize the first signs of pain. But, for the most part, my leadership responsibilities mean a lot to me. I have developed self-confidence and am learning detachment. Before, when someone in the group was negative and depressed, it bothered me. Now, I have found my role and I have a more serene and positive attitude. Finally, I can testify that, more we give, more we receive. And at the Association of People Living with Chronic Pain, I have found a place to contribute.


     [Nicole, support group co-leader]